11 Benefits of Enterprise Digital Business Card

Regardless of the industry or size of the firm, enterprise digital business cards are an absolute necessity. These days, digital business cards are used to promote a company's brand as well as to exchange contact information. Business information and contact details are displayed on your virtual business cards, which are electronic versions of conventional business cards. And in that case, your smartphone makes it simple to distribute the cards. Besides that, the presence of these enterprise digital business cards also allows you to see how many people have looked at and clicked on your card utilizing the analytics feature.

This blog talks in brief about the major benefits that an enterprise digital business card offers, however, before delving deeper into it, let us first prioritize the basic everyday uses of the same.


The use of Digital Business Cards

Nonetheless, digitalization has been provoking to be helpful in our daily lives. It has impacted lives in concrete ways, and while we look back, there is a realization of how far we have come.

The use of a corporate digital business card will impact you similarly! In a nutshell, its implementation will serve you the following offerings:

  • Promote your company by describing who you are and what you do
  • Make use of an enterprise digital business card as a direct marketing strategy to generate leads by sharing your company's contact information
  • Make it simple for individuals or your clients to access the information via a smartphone
  • Establish your brand identification, attach stories telling the origins of your company's history
  • Astonish customers by creating a positive perception of your brand by the placement of your logo, brand colors, and other elements in strategic locations.
  • Maintain all your contacts in one location.

Now that we've covered the fundamentals of using an enterprise digital business card, let's proceed towards the main one, that mentions the in-depth benefits of the same.

Benefits offered by iEdge, an enterprise digital business card launched by FutureSoft

1. Instant Information Update:

Changes are unavoidable! Thus, they are bound to occur in your business as well. Sometimes there could be a new successful project that you may want to add, sometimes a new service. There is always something to be added, and with corporate digital business cards, updating information is just a link away, and so a very instant step.

2. Interactivity:

Our primary goal behind creating a digital visiting card is to promote interactivity as well! You are always just a click away from any action that you want to take. For example, with just one click you are directed to make calls, send a text on WhatsApp, use Google Maps, send emails, share, save to the contacts, visit the website, enter social networks, etc.

3. Card Customization:

Anyone can create a corporate digital card in a matter of minutes. You can personalize them with your logo, business URL, phone number, and a photo of yourself, to name a few. Whether you need it for yourself or a team, our flexible platform can help you find the best solution.

4. Bulk Card Creation:

While this may not be the top-most benefit, however, while taking up a project, we like to inform our clients about taking up the project in bulk. If you worry about not being able to have these enterprise digital business cards created for your entire team, fret not! We ensure bulk card creation during the given timeline.

5. Department-wise information display:

As a company or brand, you may have different departments. Another advantage of using an enterprise digital business card is the ability to display department-specific information, making it easier for the other person to find and read what they need.

6. Enquiry form:

This is the best way of letting your clients reach out to you in case of any requirement. You share this corporate digital business card, and if the necessity arises, the possible client might also reach out to you easily, and in that case, linking an enquiry form to it is a user-friendly decision.

7. Website links:

If you own a business, you are certain to have a website. A great feature of a corporate digital business card is the ability to add website links to the card so that the user or client can visit your website for more information.

8. SEO-Friendly:

When you claim your business identity online through a domain name, the SEO magic accompanies you. These digital business cards are SEO-friendly, in the sense that they are easy to get indexed on search engines, and thus, rank well on SERPs. This way it ensures that your potential clients find you quickly and easily.

9. Card Redirection:

Converting to its electronic form has opened several doors at once. When you go digital or electronic, you can add any type of link you want. As a result, you can also direct your users to contact information for previous employees or other relevant areas that may be important to potential clients.

10. Attach Media:

Just like you have been granted the freedom to insert multiple links on a corporate digital business card, it also sanctions you to attach media to not leave any stone unturned.

11. Card Visual analytics:

If you're going to invest in digital business cards for corporates, you'd like to see the results too. The number of people who visit your card after it has been shared, as well as several other actions. It allows you to track the progress of the shared digital visiting card using the analytics feature portraying the number of people who visited it or clicked on the link.

It's Time to Make the Switch to Digital

With all these benefits, it's time to get a corporate digital business card. It's simple to make, and you can create unique designs that reflect your company and personality. Your creativity is not limited by the physical realm when using digital business cards for corporates

A printed business card may still be worthwhile; reserve it for VIPs who appreciate an elegant and well-made card. However, for everyday use, a corporate digital business card is an excellent way to stay in touch and make new connections.

If you want to go further in terms of seeking more knowledge or even having these corporate digital business cards for your brand, connect with our professionals who are ethical and diligent in the field.