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  • Easy Customization
  • QR Codes
  • Business Leads
  • Attach Media
  • Interactive Experience
  • Add to Mobile Contacts
  • Engage your visitors
  • Visual Analytics

Events and exhibits provide you with the chance to rise above your competition. They offer your company a platform to advertise your product or service to a group that may know little to nothing about your offerings. They are an effective marketing tool. They not only enable you to connect with a group of individuals who may not be familiar with you. but also provide customers with the chance to network with current and potential clients.

Using digital business cards from IEdge, you may significantly increase the effect of your events and exhibitions. You can design customized digital business cards with promotions and other offers that your clients might find interesting. Design the card in accordance with the occasion's theme and display your most recent product launches on top of it. Embed their QR code whenever you can to evaluate client interest. This can also benefit you if curious customers submit their questions. In addition, you would be able to stand out since you would be sharing your card digitally, which would pique clients' interest in thoroughly perusing it.

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