What is an Electronic Visiting Card?

Because of our growing reliance on technology, networking is advancing at a record-breaking rate. Everything is changing to reflect a paperless, environmentally friendly society, including how we conduct business, meet up with one other, and even exchange contact information.

Although sharing and handling pieces of paper are no longer convenient in our digital age, physical business cards have long been a networking essential.

Professionals are using digital cards for business more frequently to easily communicate information with new contacts. This is especially true for professionals whose bottom line and business growth depend on relationships.

Evidently, these electronic visiting cards are a useful tool for exchanging information and gathering contacts from your partners, clients, and suppliers. It has been this way for a considerable amount of time and looks classy and professional. Nowadays, however, people want to keep information, papers, and contacts digitally and resort to paperless alternatives.


But, to clarify in concrete terms, what exactly does a digital card for business mean, how do we utilize it, and most significantly, is it quite useful/worth the investment?

Let us dive into the information below to know in-depth.

What is Digital Card for Business?

A digital card for business is an online tool for exchanging contact details. It is also referred to as a virtual business card, electronic visiting card, smart business card, or digital visiting card. A digital card for business can be created on an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or PC, and they are frequently less expensive than paper alternatives. These electronic visiting cards can be created, shared, and personalized much like traditional business cards. With digital card for businesses, there are no size restrictions; you can include as much or as little information as you like. You may enhance your card with extras like a photo or video, a logo, social media profiles, badges, PDFs, and more in addition to the conventional contact information (such as your name, firm, email address, and phone number).

How do I Utilize my Electronic Visiting Card?

Like a physical business card, a digital one is used to give partners, clients, etc. your contact information. Depending on the platform used to make it, you can attach your digital card to an email or résumé, post it on social media, or share it via messengers and chats. As a result, sharing it with those in other countries is simple.

If a card has other functions in addition to your contacts, you can use it to invite people to check out your website, products, catalogue, and more all from a single card. Some apps also let you make animated cards. If such a choice is indeed necessary for the kind of firm you run, it merits consideration.

These electronic visiting cards also have advanced settings which can assist you make contact in return, which is quite helpful if you're running online ads for an anonymous audience. It is even feasible to add an obligatory email request to your card so that only a fair email exchange will allow you to access your information.

Check the tracking options for your electronic visiting cards as well. Some services let you keep track of how many people have saved your contact information, checked a card, etc. To determine which marketing channel performs the best, sophisticated options allow you to share a card in a variety of ways and receive statistics for each one independently.

What Makes an Electronic Visiting Card Needful?

To advance your brand, digital card for business is the finest option. They will improve your networking connections in this digital age and show that you are flexible to changing circumstances.

1. It is Functional

If your phone or computer is nearby, you'll always have your business cards on hand. You don't have to be concerned about a limited card supply or leaving them at home because everything is electronic.

Digital card for businesses also has the benefit of being highly customizable, so your most recent contact information is always present. You can add additional information, modify your phone number, or change your job with a few keystrokes.

2. An economical option

There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on paper business cards that are likely to be thrown away or lost by the recipient when you can easily find free digital business card templates and make them yourself. This enables you to allocate this budget to a different area of your company.

Some programmes allow you to improve your card design by adding customized URLs, QR Codes, distinctive colors, and more if you want a more upscale virtual business card.

3. Effortless Follow-Ups

We are aware that most of the paper business cards we distribute are thrown into a drawer or other container and never used again. Even if they have a business card scanner, it's still possible that your contact information will be mixed up.

A digital business card is simple to include into the recipient's workflow because it is sent immediately to their email when shared.

Following up is easier and more effective with virtual business cards, which fosters the growth of stronger connections. They also work nicely with CRM software.

4. It Facilitates Contactless Exchange

Virtual business cards are essential for professional online networking because virtual events and online gatherings are a regular part of our lives.

Anyone can receive your electronic business cards via email, text message, or social media. Anyone presents during a video conversation can scan a QR Code you hold up with a mobile device to get your contact information.

Digital business cards will continue to function because they are germ-free and may be exchanged without physical touch as soon as things return to normal.

5. It Delivers a Message

You are promoting yourself and your brand when you distribute an electronic visiting card. You are demonstrating to the audience that you are knowledgeable about the most recent technical developments and that you are concerned about making their life a little bit easier.

You will stand out from the crowd and start a new trend in your field by using a virtual card at the read, especially if you are the first to do so!

Do Electronic Visiting Cards Indicate the end of Paper Business Cards?

Definitely not! Paper business cards are still widely used and continue to be considered "classy." For a certain clientele or geographic location, they function well. Paper cards continue to serve as a tool for regional marketing and events.

More significantly, there is no need to pick between the two. A little QR code image placed in the corner of a paper business card can be used to insert an electronic visiting card. Tech-savvy individuals will be able to scan the code and enter the more familiar-to-them digital form by doing this. Additionally, you may scan and centrally store all the paper contacts you receive in digital form for simpler management and faster access.

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